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Nida Yasir's Family Trip Is All Over Social Media For The Right Reasons!

Nida Yasir's Family Trip Is All Over Social Media For The Right Reasons!

The name of the beautiful Nida Yasir and the dapper, Yasir Nawaz is not new for any corner of the country. The stars have two sons and a daughter. Albeit being uber intelligent, Nida Yasir hasn’t allowed her children to appear on the television as yet because of their studies. On the other hand, Yasir Nawaz keeps giving them guest appearances in various dramas.

Our favorite host of the intensively well-celebrated morning show, Good Morning Pakistan is currently on a trip to Europe with her hubby, Yasir Nawaz, and their children. The A-list couple has managed to exhibit their A-game throughout the trip, delineating exceptional beauty and infinite charm.

Yasir has posted this photo of himself dressed in a trendy apparel having perfectly symmetrical houses in the background.


Nida is unarguably a great photographer. She takes this photo of her family in the midst of a river on a boat.


Seems like Switzerland is experiencing the winter season currently. Our favorite comedian and his family wear warm jackets to regulate temperature amidst complete greenery and crystal clear waters.

Nida YasirThese cute siblings look so adorable having a we-time with a sprinkle of ultimate love.

Nida YasirHook your eyes to the screen as this family takes their style game to the next level.

Nida YasirThis photo is beautiful in so many ways; This delightful family and the surreal view make this photo a masterpiece.

Nida YasirWe can’t stop drooling over this photo of our favorite comedian and our favorite host holding each other with absolute love.

Nida YasirIn the midst of rocky mountains, the family looks fresh.

Nida YasirDeep blue sky, an abundance of greenery and this family, a great sight to look at. Nida’s red sneakers look quite fascinating.

Nida YasirOn an extremely chilly day, the celebrities stand in the midst of a snow-covered area delineating snowy mountains in the back.

Nida YasirNida Yasir looks sleek in a black outfit and a white jacket at such an awesome destination.

Nida YasirThis photo will surely grab your attention for a little longer because, in spite of this family, the photo exhibits flabbergasting scenery with a beauteous mountain range.

Nida YasirHave a look at this doting father, expressing love for his youngest child.


It feels really great to see these stars have a fabulous time with their family. May this family live a happy life with love and prosperity galore.

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