Ishqiya ends with an emotional yet befitting episode

Due to the pristine acting, impactful dialogues, and super-grabbing screenplay, Ishqiya is being loved in all horizons and it is evident by the YouTube views. Not only on Youtube, but Ishqiya also trends on Twitter for all the right reasons every week.

Having started as a pleasant drama, its story transformed into an intense one in a matter of few episodes. Hamna, played by Ramsha Khan and Hamza, played by Feroze Khan are university sweethearts who want to get hitched as soon as they can. However, Hamna is scared her father (Shabbir Jan) might call off the wedding if she talks about Hamza. Notwithstanding her love story with Hamza, she marries Azeem, essayed by Gohar Rasheed, without letting Hamza know.

When Hamza comes to know of the reality, he feels betrayed, and out of anger and frustration, he gets on the road, speeding his car which results in an accident and he ends up in a coma. However, he not only gets out of the coma, but he also plans to take revenge from Hamna for hurting his feelings.

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He takes his parents to Hamna’s home, but to propose her younger sister, Roomi, played by Hania Aamir. Roomi agrees but it discomforts Hamna. Hamza warns her of grave repercussions and makes her feel uneasy whenever he wants, so much so that he threatens Hamna he will not come to the venue at his wedding. She gets nervous because not only her life is at risk, but innocent Roomi is also in the game without even realizing it.

Unlike Hamna, Roomi is all bubbly and fun and she instantly wins the heart of the entire family in a couple of days. On the other hand, albeit being treated well by Azeem, Hamna gets some disinclination from his mother but Azeem and his father try to provide as much comfort to Hamna as possible.

Roomi thinks Hamza is a strange person but she tries to make him smile with her cute shenanigans. He laughs instead, making the audiences feel happy about how the couple is getting along. In no time, Hamza falls in love with Roomi.

After coming back from the vacations, Hamna, out of anxiety and exhaustion, tells Azeem the truth about her relationship with Hamza. Azeem controls his anger and frustration in front of her, but deep down, he is shattered. He recalls the instances when Hamza gave hints but he could have never guessed.

Roomi, on the other hand, feels betrayed by her parents because they kept the news of her father’s deteriorating health from her. She stays with her parents at the hospital, calls Hamna and Azeem to the hospital as well. Azeem tries to avoid Hamza, asks Hamna to wait for him at her mother’s house.

Roomi stands still as she sees her father’s soul departing for the eternal world. She calls Hamna and without any further ado, she and her mother get to the hospital. Without having a clue about the demise, Azeem calls Hamna, asking why had she not waited for him. She cries, tells him about the death, he comforts her on his arrival to the hospital.

Hamza is observing Azeem’s hostility towards him, but he is unsure about how to respond. Hamna at last tells Hamza that her husband now knows the truth. Just when Hamza is about to give her the biggest shock of her life, Roomi surprises him with the news of their upcoming baby. Hamza requests both Hamna and Azeem to avoid telling her the truth for some time.

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However, Alishba, who had been obsessed with Hamza since day one, tells everything to Roomi as soon as she gets a chance to. Roomi stays calm at first, then goes to her sister, asks about how long has she known Hamza. She decides to leave her husband’s house and starts living with her mother, heartbroken, and numb.

When Hamna tells her the truth about Hamza’s intentions to malign her in front of her father and husband, Roomi goes back and tells about his evil plans to his family. Disappointed of her brother’s behavior, his sister speaks about how she also has someone in her life and she does not want him to be like Hamza anymore.

Hamza goes to Roomi for forgiveness but she has decided she will not trust him again, for, the person she had fallen in love with, merely married her for revenge.

Broken Roomi loses her child and decides to end her marriage with Hamza. She asks Azeem to do what’s mandatory to let it happen. Azeem asks Hamna to take the divorce papers to Hamza.

Lastly in Ishqiya, Hamna and Azeem live a happy life together while Roomi lives a life filled with contentment with her mother. However, Hamza reaps what he had sowed. Socially boycotted by his family and friends, he sits in his room, looking at the toys he and Roomi had bought for their child who never saw the light of day.

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