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Nisha's Jalan burns her sister's household, but will she ever find solace?

Nisha's Jalan burns her sister's household, but will she ever find solace?

Misha passed away and left behind an utterly despaired family; her child Hadi and her parents. Sure, Nisha had the same blood but did she ever care for her parents, or even her elder sister who had been the true epitome of selflessness, who gave up everything just because Nisha liked and wanted? Nisha, in her Jalan(enviousness), thought Misha would also give up Asfand just because she likes him, but instead, she not only gave up her husband but also her child and her life, because she was tired, she was tired of being cheated upon, she was tired of the uber dirty game her sister had been playing all along. She, in her wildest dreams, would have never thought the two people she is extremely close to, will conspire to be together, behind her back.

Asfand is regretting his decision but the damage has already been done. Sure, the regret triggers his fatherhood but what does he come home to? A furious spouse, who bawls as soon as she sees him with his own child, who does not even have a mother. Asfand is divided between Nisha, Kinza, and Hadi and is realizing the seriousness of his wrong decisions. He had transferred all of Misha’s value to Nisha and what does he get out of it now? His one true love; Misha has left the world and Kinza is not on his side anymore. She even asks him to leave the house because Nisha is becoming unbearable. Nisha’s hostility towards him is evident, but will he listen to his sister and brain in lieu of his heart?

Nisha expresses her true self throughout the episode and it is mainly because she feels insecure about Hadi and her uncertain future. She had left Ahmer for Asfand because of the Jalan and all the wealth and status. Now, after coming to know of Kinza’s partnership in the business and properties, she is frustrated to no limits and it is evident from her verbal and body language. Nisha had left her family when they needed her the most. Now that family would not even recognize her existence. With literally no one on her side, self-centered Nisha is seen gushing over her ex-fiance Ahmer, who’s not so unestablished and mediocre anymore, as suggested by the teasers of the next episode.

Ahmer is a married man now, with Areej as his lawfully wedded wife. Ahmer had married Areej forcefully but the latter loves him, so much so that the hopeless romantic girl finds peace and comfort even when he does not talk to her nicely. Now, as the teasers suggest, she is excited that Ahmer is coming back, but on the other hand, she is worried that he might find Nisha while visiting Karachi. Loving insanely is definitely not an overstatement if we define the feelings Ahmer had for Nisha at the beginning of the drama. She had shattered his heart completely and he feels as if he does not have love left in him anymore, not even for Areej, who loves him the same way he loved Nisha.

Now, how do you think will Jalan unfold? Will Ahmer fall for Nisha once again? Will Nisha leave Asfand for Ahmer? Will there be any smiles on the faces of fans who want to see Areej and Ahmer happy together? How will Nisha be punished? And will she be punished in the first place? Have your say in the comments’ section below.



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