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'Janey Kiun' is coming to an end

'Janey Kiun' is coming to an end

Janye Kiun

Love stories, love marriages and the romance all feels beautiful until and unless it all gets shattered with an incident. ‘Janey Kiun’ is a story about Uzair and Haniya who tied a knot in a love marriage but Haniya’s in-laws are never happy with the relationship. Uzair’s mother has always been an ache and would fuss out about anything that Haniya would do. From going to university or doing the house-work nothing seemed right to the mother-in-law.

Uzair’s grandmother loved Haniya a lot but in the 18th episode we see that she passed away and Uzair is blaming Haniya for it. In all this anger and frustration he also declares that he will divorce her. The whole situation of the robbery went from Haniya to Hadiya and it ended on Saba. Hadiya unveiled the truth when Haniya left the house, she called Haniya to come back but she refused saying that no one respects me in that house so why should she come back. After knowing the truth Uzair is also very embarrassed and he went to bring Haniya but she didn’t agree.

On talking to Junaid Khan who is Uzair in ‘Janey Kiun’ and asking him about his experience working in ‘Janey Kiun’ he shares, “It was a great experience. At first didn’t know playing the character of Uzair would be good for me. Trusted the director with the whole thing and when I saw the first episode I was relieved because the overall thing looked exactly the way I expected it to be.”

Watch the last episode of ‘Janey Kiun’ on Thursday at 8:00 PM only on ARY Digital to see if Haniya would agree to come back or this couple will also join the other divorced couples from ARY Digital’s dramas. If you missed any of the episodes watch them here.