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Jeeto Pakistan - Five Instances That Changed People's Lives Last Ramazan

Jeeto Pakistan - Five Instances That Changed People's Lives Last Ramazan

Jeeto Pakistan has been entertaining and providing their audience with best of the quality, many people have come and won unlimited prizes, and how can we forget those certain moments which changed the lives of people and made them extremely happy.

It’s rare to see a host giving away gifts from his own expenses but Fahad Mustafa went an extra mile and gifted two Umrah tickets to an elderly woman. This proves Fahad Mustafa has a golden heart.

Fahad Mustafa gifted an Umrah ticket on his own… by arydigitalofficial

Suffering from cancer is not just an ache for the patient – but also for the people who are around them, the loved ones are helpless if they have no resources to save their child, Jeeto Pakistan gave this little girl a present that will probably change her life, and you should see her reaction.

Cancer patient wins a plot in Jeeto Pakistan by arydigitalofficial

I’am certain that this video must’ve melted hearts everywhere and made everyone realize how great Jeeto Pakistan is doing with helping and surprising people, so many people left with the biggest smile on their faces and sometimes happy tears.

14th Day Umarah Packages in Jeeto Pakistan… by arydigitalofficial

Another beautiful moment where a man wins a car in Jeeto Pakistan, and another amazing moment where Jeeto Pakistan manages to create happiness. I loved how at the end Fahad hugs the winner, showing so much affection.

A man was over whelmed after winning car in… by arydigitalofficial

Giving away an Umrah package to someone  is a great deed, and the happiness that brings is even better. Jeeto Pakistan has done that and made lives happier. This couple was unable to conceal their smile, and I’m sure they prayed for Fahad Mustafa and ARY for giving them such a wonderful gift once they saw the Holy Kaaba.

A couple gets Umrah package in Jeeto Pakistan by arydigitalofficial