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Juddai - Search For A Happy Ending

Juddai - Search For A Happy Ending

They say that families are like trees – the branches on a tree grow in different directions but roots remain as one. Judaai is a story that revolves around all the highs and lows of a family.

After finding the one last memento of his father,  Haider shatters into million pieces. He bursts into anger and yells at Aliyah for stealing him away from his mother. Do you think he makes sense? Well, if a son is separated from his own mother, he will retort.

After all the arguments, clarifications and countless tears – Haider decides to take Arsalan and leave the house for good, do you believe its valid to take a baby away from his own mother? No matter what the circumstances be, Arsalan is everything for Aaliyah.

The guilt of being so unfair to his mother eats him away, Haider seeks forgiveness from his mother and sobs like a baby in her arms. On the other hand Aliyah vents to her parents about everything Haider did and she wants him to return her baby. Her endless tears melt her father’s heart and he promises to bring Arsalan back, but obviously he was unaware of his daughter’s plotting.


Later in the episode its shown, that Haider tells his father in law the evil Aliyah did and that’s when Aliyah gets in trouble, she now doesn’t have the side of her father, the love of her husband and she is now bereft of her baby. Do you think Aliyah will ever have her child back?

We also see that Zaryaan is all set to leave the house and Meher struggles to stop him, another twist in the show occurs when Hamza confesses to Minahil that he’s the one behind all the misunderstandings between her and Zaryaan, but even his tears don’t melt Minahil and she gets furious, a torrent of emotions is all she’s left with.

Hamza now apologizes to Zeena, Zaryaan and tries to fix the broken pieces. Do you think Hamza will ever be forgiven? Will Minahil and Zaryaan ever find their happy ending? Is Aliyah going to get her child back? Find out where this story leads to, the final episode of Judaai will be on aired tonight, only on ARY Digital.