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Khoat - Is Javed Really The Man He Claims To Be?

Khoat - Is Javed Really The Man He Claims To Be?


Maira’s father can not push his daughter into a life that he knows isn’t fit for her. While her father is trying to save her, she has a blind eye towards reality and is only driven by her want! She wants to marry Javed and will not be stopped, she suggests a court marriage!

Using the court marriage suggestion as a tool, Javed goes to meet Maira’s father at his office. He tells him that no matter what Maira says or recommends, he will not marry her without the fathers approval and blessings.

The father comes home, lost in thought and heartbroken from the revelation. He knows his daughter well, she is stubborn and will do as she wills. So instead, he backs off and agrees to Javed’s proposal without questioning her about the court marriage idea.  He thinks it’s best that they maintain the respect of the father/daughter relationship and not talk about matters that will only make things worse.

Maira is celebrating her victory, she also  goes to Javed’s house to see her future room so she can buy stuff. Javed says no to ‘Jehaz’ and wins a few extra points for being the man he’s pretending to be.

On the other hand Javed’s phupoo is shattered after discovering all that has been going on behind her back. She breaks all ties with her brother and his family, she also tells Javed to find a new place for the academy.

Also while Javed thinks his marriage with  Maira will open doors to better proposals for his sisters, the youngest sister has totally different plans. She’s already found someone, and that someone is not even close to what Javed wishes for her.

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