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Khoat- Maira Meets Javed’s Family

Khoat- Maira Meets Javed’s Family


The status difference worries Javed, he wants Maira to meet his family but isn’t sure how and when to do that. He breaks the news of him bringing Maira home and asks his sisters for help. At first they stress over what they’d serve and how she’d react but then they assure the brother that they’ll handle everything, including their mother!

Javed brings Maira home and to his surprise the sisters and mother absolutely love her! They are so impressed that the word bhabhi slips from their mouth in the 1st meeting only.

What’s even better is that even Maira is happy and the financial difference doesn’t change her love for Javed.

While the mother and sisters are in complete approval, the father is upset about their attitude with his sister and niece. “What’s wrong with Javed marrying Faiza?” seems to be his only debate and concern!

Javed explains his father why he cannot marry Faiza, he tells him how his sisters future depends on this. Him becoming the son in law of the well reputed textile business owner would open doors to a better future for his entire family.

The thought of Fauzia and Zobia getting married in good families wins the fathers approval too!

Maira finally tells her mother she likes someone. Will her family be as enthusiastic and open to this relationship ?

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Posted by KHOAT – ARY Digital on Monday, March 21, 2016


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