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Lives Get Better At Jeeto Pakistan!

Lives Get Better At Jeeto Pakistan!

There are many reasons to respect and love celebrities like Fahad Mustafa, it’s rare to come across people who are not solely an icon, but also good human beings. ARY has brought Jeeto Pakistan for people not only to win prizes – but also to come and have a ball at the show.

Fahad Mustafa’s arrival on the sets of Jeeto Pakistan causes a stir in the ambiance, he constantly keeps the crowd pumped and has everyone wrapped around his finger. The full of life celebrity manages to steal the hearts and melt them altogether, whether it’s giving away a motorbike only because he’s happy to have a Bombay bakery cake, wearing a flower tiara or even pushing the bikes for people who have won. It seems that Fahad  loves what he does hence he does it best.



Celebrities like Shoaib Malik, Faisal Qureshi, Waqar Zaka, Waseem Badaami and plenty more have come and had a whale of time at Jeeto Pakistan. He blends with the people on the sets and gives away a whole lot of presents. The games like catching eggs, eating cake with just your mouth and no hands, praising your wife in front of the audience,  or a girl who would just sing a nursery rhyme and end up getting a present.



This all takes the audience to cloud nine when they win extraordinary prizes, and we believe that’s the most important thing. It’s not solely about how Fahad Mustafa works on the show – but also about him being empathetic towards people. Hugging the winners, patting a young kid if they’d win, respecting the elderly, his thakki-tikki’s and what not! Jeeto Pakistan is a fun-filled dhoom-dharakka  transmission that keeps us glued to our TV screens and the audience to their seats (unless they are called upon to play games and win away the presents!).



Losing a loved one is the worst thing to go through, we lost a legend Amjad Sabri yesterday. Fahad Mustafa had second thoughts to even carry on with the show – but being aware that the people there probably won’t get this chance again, he decided to continue.

Fahad Mustafa said, ” Woh itni barre hain, aur hamara show kuch nahi hai.”Jeeto Pakistan was a tribute for Mr. Amjad Sabri.

Fahad Mustafa pays tribute to Amjad Sabri by arydigitalofficial