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Love is blind – ‘Shikwa’

Love is blind – ‘Shikwa’


Love is a beautiful feeling and when your interest loves you back that is the best feeling in this world. Not many experience this feeling and those who do are the lucky ones on this earth. ‘Shikwa’ is a story of a struggling family facing the harsh realities of life and one of them is love. Meher was forced by her mother to marry a man who is very much older than her age and due to her mother’s respect she got married to him but yet Meher was never satisfied. She always had to make sacrifices for him and compromise on everything in life.

20 years later when Saqib passed away and Meher’s daughter Maria grew up, history repeated itself. Maria fell in love with her own sir who is years elder than her and Meher wasn’t comfortable with this relation. Meher spoke to Feroz who is the teacher yet she didn’t agree with the marriage of such a huge age difference. With lots of consoling Meher thought about her past when her mother wasn’t agreeing with Meher to marry the one she wants so she didn’t want her daughter to face the same thing.

She let Maria marry the professor who is of her choice and they love each other, but then Feroz was leaving for USA but then he came back to finish his love story and marry the one he loves. It is very important for an individual to marry the one they love and  this will lead them to have a happy life. Watch all the episodes of ‘Shikwa’ here.