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‘Marium Kaisay Jiye’ ends on a happy note

‘Marium Kaisay Jiye’ ends on a happy note

Marium Kaisay Jiye

‘Marium Kaisay Jiye’ ends on a happy note

Some people get very judgmental towards a person and this leads to many misunderstanding without knowing the opposite person. ‘Marium Kaisay Jiye’ is a story of an extraordinary young woman, who since her birth has been accused of being a bad omen, rejected by her loved ones, and ridiculed by the world around her. After her marriage any mishap would be considered that it happened because of her.

She struggles to cope with being labeled as a degenerate and responsible for the death of her mother. As she attempts to find stability and peace in her life, what remains of her broken family continues to treat her as an outcast, banishing her from her home. Karma always comes back and it Hummaima has been very destructive and is finding all the possible way to get Marium out of her life.

She tried to poison Marium and make excuses for Asher to tell Marium to leave the house. After all the effort Asher finally got entangled in Hummaima’s web and told Marium to leave. She goes back to her mother’s place and she makes peace with her step-mother and everything is normal. Meanwhile Hummaima acts very careless with Asher and does no housework which makes him angry. In all this trouble he goes to the chemist where the story unveils and he gets to know that Hummaima was always behind the death of Asher’s mother and wanted to kill Marium as well.

Asher divorces Hummaima and thinks to correct his doings, Marium gave birth to a baby boy and Asher asks for forgiveness. Marium happily forgives Asher and they live a happy life with their children.