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Is Maryam falling in love with Asad in "Faisla" ?

Is Maryam falling in love with Asad in "Faisla" ?

20 episodes down and finally the moment we have all been waited for is here! Asad, who has loved Maryam all his life is finally getting love back from her in return. Maryam, despite of all the negative things she hears about him, still cares for him.


Umair tries to instigate Maryam asking her to check Asad’s phone. He claims that Asad is cheating on Maryam. Maryam, getting influenced by Umair, checks his phone but doesn’t find anything wrong. Umair calls Maryam and tells her about Asad cheating on her to which Maryam responded that she will leave Asad if she found him guilty .

Coming back home, Maryam shows a little concern for Asad which makes him fall in love with her even more. The episode then progresses with alot of sweet, happy moments between Maryam and Asad.

With the 20th Episode aired yesterday, we can now forseeMaryam falling in love with Asad despite of all the misunderstandings created for Asad by Umair. But will all this last for long or does Umair already has something planned to make Maryam driftapart from Asad!

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