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Mayi Ri | The cruel reality of society

Mayi Ri | The cruel reality of society

Mayi Ri is an exceptionally written drama whose story highlights the rotten fabric of society. Child marriage is an issue that is prevalent in our society and Mayi Ri depicts it beautifully.

Annie is a 15-year-old cheerful schoolgirl who is forced to get married to her underage cousin because of her uncle’s will. As the drama progresses, viewers will see the dangerous consequences of child marriages that can destroy innocent childhoods forever.

Nauman Ijaz as Zaheer is a successful businessman who is the eldest in the family. After his parents passed away, he cared for his siblings and took the family out of misery. His mindset is very conservative.

Samar Abbas as 16-year-old Fakhir is Zaheer’s only son. He never takes his studies seriously which gets Zaheer worried about him.

Aina Asif as Annie is Zaheer’s niece. She’s a bright child who is amazingly well at studies. Her father thinks of her and her sister as a burden. Annie isn’t attached to her mother either because she doesn’t want to end up like her mom.

Maria Wasti as Samina is Zaheer’s wife. She is not as conservative as Zaheer and wants Fakhir to decide for himself. She tries to stand up for herself and her son but rarely succeeds.

Maya Khan as Ayesha is Annie’s mother who is against marrying Annie at such a young age. She is also stuck in the patriarchal system of the family.

Childhood is something worth protecting; once you go out of it…You lose it…Let the kids bloom first!

Directed By: Meesam Naqvi

Concept & Story: Sana Fahad


  • Aina Asif
  • Samar Abbas
  • Naumaan Ijaz
  • Maria Wasti
  • Maya Khan
  • Sajida Syed
  • Saad Faridi
  • Amna Malik
  • Paras Masroor
  • Usman Mazhar
  • Diya Mughal

Mayi Ri is starting on 2nd August and will air daily at 07:00 PM, on ARY Digital


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