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Mehwish or Nisha? Who do you love and who do you love to hate?

Mehwish or Nisha? Who do you love and who do you love to hate?

Unarguably the Pakistani entertainment scene is being ruled by the ARY Digital dramas for the entire 2020. Despite the worrisome circumstances throughout the year, ARY Digital has made sure to provide adequate content to satisfy its consumers’ entertainment appetite. From Meray Paas Tum Ho to Jalan, we have seen some exceptional stories coming to life, along with some characters we love and we love to hate. Everyone has a favorite character, but was Mehwish from Meray Paas Tum Ho the most hatred character, or is it Nisha, of Jalan? Let’s have a look.

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Mehwish married her high school love, Danish, and had a child Roomi. Ever since the first episode, we have seen her caring more about what people think of her and her family; remember the moment where she asked Danish to not create a scene when he simply asked the auto driver that he was overcharging them. She abandoned her family, even her child because she wanted more, to a point where she starts living with Shahwar. But did she love Shahwar or was she with him merely because he was rich?

We saw a little inclination of Mehwish towards Shahwar but the latter blatantly gave her signals that he wants to be with her. He not only used his richness but also his charm to win her over. The affection soon turned into love and they decided to get married. However, Shahwar’s first wife could have never let that happen. Mehwish was misplaced, and the humiliation was enough for her to regret her decisions and actions. However, she was late, and she not only lost her family, but she also lost her only lover, Danish.

On the other hand, Nisha, from the very first episode, was selfish and mean, and wanted the best for herself, even if her elder sister Misha, owned it. She always questioned Ahmer’s choice of gifts because she was too busy looking at the price tags that she hardly ever saw his intentions. From wearing the ring by Asfand to sending her pictures to him, we all saw how she drifted away from Ahmer because she wanted more. Sure, she did not actually burn her sister, but she was her murderer nonetheless.

As soon as Nisha came to know of Asfand as her brother-in-law, she instantly started envying Misha. Notwithstanding Asfand’s complete hostility towards her, she kept on coming to see him at his house in the presence and absence of Misha, to a point where he started expecting her to come. From steaming coffees to going out for an ice-cream, we knew Nisha’s intentions but her sister did not, simply because gushing over, let’s say a dress, is incomparable to gushing over someone’s husband.

So when Misha came to know of her husband’s affair with her sister, she panicked, slapped, and humiliated Nisha in front of her new lover, but it felt like Nisha had an eye on her aim and she would not care of anything that comes in its way. She tarnished Ahmer’s image, she left her house, she started living with Asfand, she got married to him but all these things were not enough for her. She wanted more and when she saw Asfand is not as rich as she had thought, she chose to go to the person she abused, simply because he had nothing to offer other than love, but now he did.

Despite insults by literally everyone, in the latest episode, she blamed herself for choosing the wrong guy, i.e. Asfand and not Ahmer. She is far away from recognizing, let alone realizing that she is on the wrong page, as of now.

How do you think will Jalan unfold? Have your say in the comments’ section below. Also tell us, who do you love to hate the most? Mehwish or Nisha?