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Hala lost her only hope in Mere Hamsafar

Hala lost her only hope in Mere Hamsafar

The 30th episode of Mere Hamsafar is coming out in a few hours. In the 29th episode, Dadi, apart from her family, also made the audience shed a tear or two.

She calls Nafees, awaits his arrival and tells him everything his daughter, Hala had to go through. She blames him for the mistreatment of Hala and passes away. The last candle that guided Hala in the darkness has melted now.

Coming to the scarred relationship of Hala and Hamza, the latter still believes the doctored scene Shahjahan had created to drive them apart. Hala is unable to find words to describe what had happened that day, and Hamza is unable to fathom anything Hala says.

By the look of it, Shahjahan has finally succeeded to throw a spear right at the center of where the hearts of Halza met, getting them apart. She thinks she has become an unstoppable force, a force no one can meddle with, but then again, do you remember Hala talking about complaining to the One who controls literally everything?

With Nafees coming to know the truth, how do you think Mere Hamsafar will unfold? Have your say in the comments’ section below.