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Mikaal Zulfiqar Proves To Be The Cutest Dad Ever

Mikaal Zulfiqar Proves To Be The Cutest Dad Ever

It is usually a troublesome task for dads belonging to the media industry to be able to give sufficient time to their family out of their super-busy schedule of consistent shoots, morning/evening shows, and promotional events. But Mikaal Zulfiqar has proved to be a doting father ever since his daughters were born.

Elaina and Rania happen to be the cause of Mikaal’s sigh of relief after long hours of excessively frustrating shooting. He never misses any opportunity to exhibit the love he possesses for his adorable ladies.

Mikaal ZulfiqarOne of his daughters, Rania, had her birthday yesterday and our ‘Khasara’ star made it sure to bring his A-game to ignite excitement in the attendees and surprising his young ones.

Mikaal ZulfiqarSeems like he quite succeeded in pulling off such a beauteous birthday party embellished with a ‘Finding Nemo’ aquatic theme.

The single father took no chances and literally invited all of Rania’s friends to her birthday party like a pro event planner. What a legit gorgeous cake!

Mikaal ZulfiqarThe level of contentment can be seen in her eyes. She must have told her friends that she has got the best dad ever! For sure!

Mikaal ZulfiqarFurthermore, Mikaal posted this slowmo version of the cake cutting ceremony on his Instagram story. All the participants of this birthday party seem utterly happy.


What a cute man! We wish the love between these three thrives with time. Way to go super-daddy!

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