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Model Amna Babar Becomes A Victim Of Extreme Harassment

Model Amna Babar Becomes A Victim Of Extreme Harassment

We have always seen women speak less in front of their husbands, their fathers, their brothers and even their sons for the reasons we never really knew. The existing era of patriarchy has forced women to be less expressive even with their immediate family members.

But as time passed and women pursued education, ending up in various careers, an upward inclination is seen and women have become more expressive towards the injustices and prejudices they go through. Women often end up speaking their mind out in front of the people who care about them and they take the issues to their social media accounts to address them in front of other people who are vulnerable to the similar risks.

A global #metoo campaign has emerged a few years back, which is gaining momentum with every passing day. The motto of this movement is to get on the bandwagon to bring the cases of harassment and injustice in the mainstream, telling the harassers that the women are no longer alone and quiet. Women from the Pakistani fashion fraternity have also come forward to share their experiences in front of the world to publically undermine the harassers and people of the similar intention. Celebrities like Frieha Altaf, Mehwish Hayat, Nadia Jamil and others have taken it to their social media profiles.


A well-celebrated actress, Amna Babar is the next celebrity to bring her harrowing encounter in the mainstream. She has posted a set of photos on her Instagram account, telling all her fans and followers about a group of teenage boys follow her and make explicitly amoral gestures, calling her with inappropriate names. Amna left her home to pick her mom in order to drop her at the nearby mall when the boys have started following her.

The model writes, “I am very disturbed and upset after what just took place I truly wonder what kind of society we live in?” She describes her entire encounter, “I was driving home after running some errands to pick up my mom and these boys started making obscene faces started swearing at me and kept calling me names I was alone got scared as no one even tried to help me and went to pick up my mother and took her to the mall there I saw them again I took pictures of them and one of them showed me the middle finger and called me a badmash”


Her mother has taken the matter into her hands, “My mother got upset to and she took of one of her shoes these boys were then told by other people to run way” The starlet questions the society at the last of her heartbreaking note, “Why do men feel the need to threaten women and girls when will this ever stop ???? why do people just stand and watch why is this acceptable????”

As soon as she posted this on her Instagram account, an abundance of love, support and anger from the fellow models and other celebs have started pouring in the comments’ section.

Amna Baber

Amna BaberMay Amna’s story is not one of those stories that stay unheard. We hope that a prompt action is taken against the culprits as they can be easily seen in these photos.

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