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Mohini is having a tough time in ‘Goya’

Mohini is having a tough time in ‘Goya’


Feeling for the one you love is a natural phenomena and it is not in one’s hand. ‘Goya’ is a love story about two young lovers Omer and Mohini but destiny is not in their favor. Omer’s father is not supporting Omer’s love interest and is never happy with his doings. Omer married his love Mohini without his father’s consent and this made his father aggressive and Omer leaves his house.

He shifted to Mohini’s house and comparatively the house is small because Mohni is from a middle class family class which is the major concern of Mr Rahat Hashmi. He is very conscious about the class, status and the values but Omer is not like him. He would do whatever he likes and he followed his feelings to marry Mohini, although his life completely changed but he was happy about it. While the young lover is adjusting to his new life he met with an accident.

The accident caused damage to his backbone and he has to go through many operations for him to heal from the injuries caused by the accident. Mohini and her mother are not wealthy enough to afford all the expenditures from the hospital but Mohini’s mum called Mrs Hashmi for financial help but Mr Hashmi refused for it. Mohini went to meet Mr Hashmi but he was very impolite to her and this just broke Mohini completely.

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