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Momina Mustehsan on her education, style statement and more!

Momina Mustehsan on her education, style statement and more!

The girl with the voice of a Nightingale, Momina Mustehsan, made it to the list of BBC’s 100 inspirational women and all nation’s praises were for her.

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Momina rose to fame soon after her performance in Coke Studio and we all became a fan of her “Afreen Afreen” instantly. Social media saw a sudden trending of Momina’s smile her voice and her looks, but the star soon announced her engagement which later got called off. In a recent interview with a magazine, the lady highlighted her few attributes and here we have them for you:

1) Momina has a double degree in engineering and mathematics:

Momina is not only an amazing singer but she also has a double degree in engineering and mathematics. In a recent interview with a magazine she says: “I’ve always loved maths, so in college when I started engineering, I had applied math and I really liked it, so I overloaded my courses and did two degrees.”

2) Afreen Afreen was not her first song to go on air:

“Afreen Afreen” was not her first song, the starlet sang Awaari for the band Soch in 2014 which was picked by the indian film Ek villain and created waves over internet. The success of Awari landed her to the coke studio and Afreen Afreen happened.

3) “My style statement is homeless; I don’t like glamorising my life”

Momina slays whatever she wears owing to the charming persona she already has but surprisingly she does not like attention. Here is something all her fans would surely be shocked to hear.

“I’ll be a normal person, as long as you don’t put a camera in front of me. There’s a downside to glamour and since I know that, I think that’s why I have been able to stay grounded. I don’t want to become public property, to let everyone have an opinion on me.”

“I’d rather wear chappals than heels and my nail polish is chipped. My style statement is homeless.”

4) Momina believes in setting a good example for coming generations!

“Being a 25-year-old in this industry, I don’t feel too welcomed by society. But what I say, what I do, will not go unnoticed,” she says. “So whatever I say will impact girls who haven’t been able to establish their own voice. We have to be careful and set the right example for upcoming generations in Pakistan. If we’re able to fight for our rights and get them, it will set the right precedent for generations to follow.”

5) “I have suffered from depression and I want to talk about it”

Momina believes in talking out about societal tabboos like depression and shedded light on how she felt when her engagement ended.

“I think we don’t talk about mental health enough. In my case, I got engaged, and then it broke off, so as far as society is concerned, it’s like, now the girl is useless,”