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Nadia Hussain is one of Pakistan’s top models, actor, make-up artist, wife and a mother who has proven herself on every front.

The top model spent her early childhood in London, United Kingdom, but after a few years she, along with her family moved to Karachi for good.

She has done her O and A Levels from Beacon House School System. This is not all; Nadia Hussain is also a “Dentist”. Surprised?

The ramp queen opted for modeling at the age of 16 and joined fashion industry as a model. Since then, Nadia is mesmerizing all with her killer looks and professionalism.

Her professionalism is what keeps her on top in a rapidly growing fashion industry and among the crowd of aspiring models.

Being the favourite show stopper for many a successful designers, Nadia knows how to sway away people with her startling looks. The diva is aptly known as a “Style Icon” of Pakistan’s fashion industry.

Recently, we saw Nadia Hussain flaunting her new hair color named ‘pastel pink to purple to platinum balayage’.

The diva has the guts to carry herself the way she likes and doesn’t care about the “LOG KIA KAHENGE” thing. The style diva carries this new look fearlessly and with this act encouraged all women to become what they want to and take care of themselves. This is what we look for in a style icon.

Let’s have a look at Nadia Hussain’s hair transformation.

Let us know your views on her new hair colour in the comments section below