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‘Nazdikiyaan’ - The heart-breaking new drama

‘Nazdikiyaan’ - The heart-breaking new drama

NazdikiyaanMarrying your love is not in everyone’s destiny, some are lucky enough, while some have to go through the heart-break. The two lovers don’t tie a knot in marriage depends on the reason either it can be the parents disagreement or the parents want them to marry someone else. ‘Nazdikiyaan is a story about the subject showing the concept of exchange marriage (Watta Satta) where both the brides suffer due to the reality check of this bride-exchange.

Watta Satta is when the marriages are done in exchange and in this often the marriages are not done wisely. Nudrat is getting married to the boy who is simple and innocent while Nudrat is the evil one, she is making a fuss about everything from the wedding dress to the choosing of the boy nothing that she is satisfied with. Whereas Saima who is a simple girl and does have the concept of compromise which is the second name for marriage.

Urooj is a selfless person because she lost her love yet she is able to stand up and smile, she came over to congratulate Saima who is marrying the one Urooj loves. With this heart break Urooj meets her love for the last time and losses hope by committing suicide. It is not easy to see the one you love deeply to marry someone else and to be okay about it, it is not present in the human nature.

Dayan rushed to the hospital to see what happened to Urooj but too late before she left him and expired. Dayan also met with an accident or not it is a confused which will be shown in the second episode. Watch ‘Nazdikiyaan’ every Thursday at 9:00 pm only on ARY Digital to see what will happen next. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.