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'Niklo Pakistan Ki Khatir' Fills Spectators With Absolute Enthusiasm

'Niklo Pakistan Ki Khatir' Fills Spectators With Absolute Enthusiasm

Having garnered exceptional fame for his commendable songs, Sahir Ali Bagga stands tall amidst the list of top-notch singers Pakistan ever produced. His surreal vocals and the flamboyant pitch have gotten him a place in the well-celebrated, Coke Studio, opposite the astounding, Aima Baig.

ARY NEWSUnarguably, the most successful news channel of Pakistan, ARY News has collaborated with the Sahir Ali Bagga, a singer, having a magical voice box, on the occasion of Pakistan’s general elections which is scheduled to take place on the 25th of this month. Having Pakistan’s largest election coverage, ARY News never hesitates to oomph the spectators with subtle and credible information.

ARY News has taken an initiative through this song, to get the voters out of their homes on the day of general elections, in order to cast their valuable vote for the betterment of Pakistan. The song delineates Sahir Ali Bagga, enthrall, along with a few top journalists of Pakistan like Waseem Badami, Kashif Abbasi, and Iqrar-ul-Hassan, putting their utmost efforts for a better turnout in these elections.

ARY NEWSThe song starts off with a montage of Lahore, delineating the Badshahi Masjid, followed by a scene depicting protests and water scarcity. Sahir Ali Bagga initiates the song to discourage sorrow, sadness, and helplessness for a brighter tomorrow. The song further asks the spectators to come out of their homes to cast vote for the orphans, weak, sick, helpless, innocents, hard-working, laborers, farmers, this soil and for the new elevation of Pakistan’s development.

ARY NEWSThe next stanza starts with the necessity of unity. The song portrays that a lone voice can be easily squashed but the voice of ample people can surely influence as a huge concrete bar. The music video further incorporates Waseem Badami, Kashif Abbasi, and Iqrar ul Hassan to take it to a whole new level so that the overall video becomes a vital factor in the better turnout.


We are hands down super excited about the upcoming general elections. 2018. What are your views on the story? Have your say in the comments’ section below.



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