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Numair stops Rameen in ‘Chup Raho’

Numair stops Rameen in ‘Chup Raho’

chup raho

Women are not weak they only fight for their right and the correct aspect of life and this is what every individual must do. ‘Chup Raho’ is a story about a girl Rameen who has been a victim of her own brother-in-law. The entire time Rameen has been fighting for her rights and trying to prove her innocence but then the family got against her including Rameen’s husband Aazar.

Rameen left the house so that she would stay away from them so that she could get some peace of mind. In all this Rameen lost her track in life but then Shiraz sheltered her in his house, where she was taking care of Shiraz’s three daughters. She was enjoying it and getting her respect in the family which is very important to her. Rameen got much attached to the kids, Shiraz with her mother along with Rameen even made up their mind for the marriage to take place between Rameen and Shiraz.

Rameen is not aware that Aazar passed away and Numair is playing emotional games with Rameen to get her forgiveness in order for Naila to heal. The kids are forcing to meet Rameen but then Shiraz is backing out, in all this Numair created a scene where he tells her that the flat belonged to Shiraz. This made Rameen become against Shiraz and she refused to go with him, meet neither him nor the girls. Numair has been continuously stopping her back just in the selfishness of his daughter’s healing.

Aazar has passed away but no one telling this to Rameen and she is unaware of the fact. Watch the second last episode of Chup Raho’ on Tuesday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital to see what will happen next and will Rameen get to know the truth. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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