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Numair is teasing Rameen in ‘Chup Raho’

Numair is teasing Rameen in ‘Chup Raho’

Chup Raho

Our relatives are always someone that an individual is comfortable with but Numair made it difficult for Rameen. Numair is Rameen’s brother-in-law and due to Numair’s interest in young girls he created a fear in Rameen’s life. He forcibly created sexual relationship with her and this spoilt the whole relationship. Rameen has been scared of Numair since then and he is enjoying it.

Rameen was not agreeing to marry Aazhar, but keeping the incident a secret not to ruin her sister’s life and Aazhar forced her to get married to her. After the marriage Rameen has become more conscious and is not comfortable seeing Numair around. She is seeking for comfort around her mother, but Numair is showering his evilness on his mother-in-law as well.

Mannal who is Numair is wife is completely unaware of the whole situation and is thinking that everything is normal and her husband is one of the most innocent human being on this earth. Numair is teasing Rameen, he intentionally is brainwashing Rameen and is physiologically torturing her. She is forced to stay quiet and not to utter a word to anyone. Her mother is also advising the same thing to her that is where the title ‘Chup Raho’ works.

Numair very smartly sent his mother-in-law back along with Nusrat who is Aazhar’s sister, he has plotted a web in Rameen’s making Razi a negative person. Rameen is not willing to go to Mannal’s place and is all confused, watch ‘Chup Raho’ every Tuesday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.