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Pakistanis And Indians Schooled Javed Akhtar On His Anti Jinnah Tweet

Pakistanis And Indians Schooled Javed Akhtar On His Anti Jinnah Tweet

Veteran writer and poet, Javed Akhtar is well-celebrated for his astounding mastery when it comes to writing lyrics for movie songs. His poetry delineates the stories of nearly more than thousand words in few sentences making every song an ultimate masterpiece.

Farhan Akhtar’s father is also known for his extreme hostility towards Pakistan. On abundant instances, Akhtar has exhibited his hatred for not just Pakistan, but the populace residing in Pakistan as well. Apart from victimizing Pakistan, he has strongly endorsed the ban on Pakistani artistes from the Indian media fraternity.

Mostly, his anti-Pakistan posts and tweets get him victimized on social media platforms by the people of Pakistan and even the people residing in India. Similarly, Akhtar has got himself in hot waters for his recent tweet in which he has unnecessarily shared his views about Muhammed Ali Jinnah.

The lyricist has spoken against the presence of Jinnah’s portrait hanging in the Aligarh University of India. According to Akhtar, the presence of Jinnah’s portrait is shameful because he was neither a student of Aligarh University nor did he serve as a teacher.

If you look at the tweet closely, you will find ‘Godse’ written. Nathuram Godse happens to be the murderer of Mahatma Gandhi and Akhtar just related Jinnah with him.

Following his tweet portraying sheer hatred, a vast Pakistani populace came to school him.

His followers living in the same country as him also bashed him for mentioning Jinnah and Godse in the same tweet.

Akhtar’s recent tweet comes after a gang of Hindu nationalists protested rather violently in front of Aligarh University against the presence of Jinnah’s portrait in the varsity that has subsequently led his painting to disappear from the wall.

However, officials are still searching for the lost canvas but it is nowhere to be found. Javed Akhtar happens to be the first B’Town celeb to express his views exhibiting disgust in lieu of asking the law to take appropriate action against the thief.

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