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'Parchi' is all set to release in UAE

'Parchi' is all set to release in UAE

‘Madam Saab’ will be seen enthralling the populace residing in the Arab with her ‘Laal Ghagrah’ and adroit moves. The News broke when Team ‘Parchi’ posted a photo on social media which revealed that the movie is all set to be released in UAE, which means that the fans of Pakistani cinema in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi will be able to watch their favorite celebrities and a visual treat depicting a subtle story on grand screens.

‘Parchi’ entered its 7th Week and is still doing strong in cinemas. The movie is not just reviewed as the most humorous movie in Pakistan, it is being celebrated all around United Kingdom, United States and across Canada as well. Not only Pakistanis abroad are stepping into the cinemas, but people from all countries, living in the UK, USA and Canada are admiring the Pakistani satirical movie.

Under the banner of ARY Films, ‘Parchi’ is directed by Azfar Jaffery and it revolves around Hareem Farooq, a gangster, inspired by Robin Hood and her adventures along with stars like Ali Rehman, Ahmed Ali Akbar, and Usman Mukhtar. The movie has crossed profits as elevated as 11.5 Crores worldwide by the end of the 6th weekend, the market numbers can show a drastic accretion as it is being released in UAE on March 1.

If made well, even the comedy movies can bring abundant of spectators to the cinemas. Another comedy movie, ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Aani’ has performed great at the market by earning 49.44 Crores worldwide proving the above statement to be true.

‘Parchi’, with the perfect blend of ethical humor and exquisite music, is hoped to garner fame and love across the world. We Wish team ‘Parchi’ well for their premiere in UAE.

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