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Raffay is not trusting Noor in ‘Parvarish’

Raffay is not trusting Noor in ‘Parvarish’


Trust is very important in every relationship no matter in what content it is whether friendship, marriage or with your parents, trust is one of the important aspect. ‘Parvarish’ is a story about a married couple Raffay and Noor where Noor’s mother-in-law is finding situations to make this relationship end. The marriage took place due to Raffay’s father’s choice and Dilawaiz is not happy about it. She wanted Raffay to marry Isbah who is of her choice.

Babar is Raffay’s brother and he was helping his mother to break this marriage but then eventually he realized that he is doing wrong. He agreed to married Isbah thinking that this would solve things but this is Dilawaiz’s new strategy of ruining Noor’s life. Dilawaiz is constantly filling Raffay and his father with false stories which is vanishing the love between them.

Noor is trying to clarify herself but the mother-in-law is not letting it happen, she is building up situations in such a way that Noor would seem wrong to everyone. Rafay even thought of buy her presents to cool down the situation but then also the monster-in-law succeed with her doings. Rafay thought of good times from the past which lead him to sort out things but then situations took a 360 degree turn and it got back to worse.

Let’s see what happens once when Babar and Isbah get married will relationships get back to normal, watch ‘Parvarish’ every Tuesday at 9:00 pm only on ARY Digital, if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.