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Resolutions we make and break every year!

Resolutions we make and break every year!

Each year all of us have at least one new years resolution that we are set on acting upon, but sadly none of us are able to stay firm on it.  We all want to be the better versions of ourselves. Here are the resolutions we all make but only to break!

1. Stay fit

Most of us are set to shed some pounds and get in shape by the end of the year, size 6,8, 10 or even zero? We plan to head to gym, cut sugar and carbs and make sure our jeans that are a tad bit tight would be easy to slip in.

2. Quit Smoking

All the chain smokers want to get rid of the horrible habit of blowing up like a choo choo train, it’s time you actually make an effort and look for various ways to put the habit at bay – such as, chewing a gum when craving a smoke.

3. Spend More Time With Family 

Plenty of us are usually so absorbed with work and errands that are endless – we began to neglect family. Let’s change that?

4. Travel

Prague, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy and what not! We chalk down all the places that give us an itchy feet – so this year make sure you save up and head out for a trip with your loved ones. Work hard and party harder!

5. Achieve More

We all want to strive to achieve our goals and reach to the point where we probably wouldn’t be a needing to look at a price tag while shopping for something.  Let’s try and make your name a brand this year.

6. Read More

Books are truly your best friends, so squeeze them in your hectic routine.

7. Fall In Love 

Finding your one true love and then marrying them is no less than a Disney fairy tale, you grow old and witness all the highs and lows together. It’s the best feeling!

8.Learn Something New

Making a career choice or changing it, learning how to play the violin, learning how to dance, or a learning a new language. You should get out of the box and explore new things.