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Yasmin's grievous story.

Yasmin's grievous story.

‘Akhri Station’ is a short-series based on real-life stories, it dwells upon the tumors like forced prostitution, depression, domestic violence, etc. The series aims to highlight the issues in order to exhibit strength of women.

The first episode was grievous. In this episode, women meet in the train’s compartment. When Tehmina asked Yasmin the reason for acute worry on her face, she started off with the brutalities she has gone through.

Attached to a rope, Yasmin threw a basket to the vegetable vendor but he declined, saying “Your previous debts are not paid, I can’t give you more.” She came inside to ask her husband that their daughter didn’t have milk for the whole day. Her husband took out the earrings her mother gave when she was getting married in order to sell. She resisted but it was of no use.

Her husband went to the market to sell those earrings and with that money, he went for gambling. He resisted at first but soon after, he started playing and drinking. He lost all the money he got from earrings and was left with nothing.

One of the men gambling said, “Why don’t you present the asset you got at home?” All men started offering amount for his spouse. Yasmin complained when he got home, he, in response, took her in a room and left her with one of the guys who was gambling, shutting the door from outside.

On the next day, her Husband brought breakfast, asked her to serve it. When she went to the kitchen, he told her, “This fate has been chosen by God and we can’t deny what God chose for us. Usually, a man earns bread and butter for his family. But I could never achieve the amount you can achieve.”

When she went out to return debts, she was looked upon as a disgraced woman by all the onlookers passing by. When evening came to an end, her husband brought red lipstick along with blue nail polish. He started applying nail polish on her nails, looked at their daughter and said, “She’s becoming an anticipated asset, people are waiting for her to hit puberty. She will be valuable for both of us.” She turned to the mirror, asked her husband to bring another man and started applying the red lipstick he bought for her.” Meanwhile, her husband was out, looking for a man, she flees from the house along with her daughter in order to save her daughter from cancer she was fighting herself.

This episode targeted on how unemployment, poverty, addiction, gambling, and illiteracy can lead men to put valuable constituents of their lives on the line to get an easy access to their pointless purposes.

If you haven’t watched it yet, here you go.

Are you already waiting anxiously for the second episode? We too!

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