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Roshanay being brave in ‘Arranged Marriage’

Roshanay being brave in ‘Arranged Marriage’

Arranged Marriage

Roshanay is an innocent girl who tied a knot with Ahmed on the basis on arranged marriage. The innocent girl had no clue as who she was going to marry and what would her future life be like. After the marriage took place the reality came forward where Ahmed confessed his love for another woman Meeral who is his love interest since university.

Ahmed has always been torturing Roshanay mentally and is making her do things which she never thought of. She is lying about the relationship and is being an obedient wife of letting Ahmed do whatever he wants. Ahmed was trying to create a scene where Roshanay would ask for divorce but she didn’t let it happen. But yet Ahmed didn’t give up, he tried his best and succeeded, he convinced his parents to say yes for his second marriage with Meeral.

With lots of thoughts and considering Roshanay’s thinking Ahmed’s parents said yes to the marriage. Roshanay is always thinking about Ahmed’s happiness and nothing is breaking her self esteem. She is keeping herself calm and is trying her best to keep herself attached to it.

Roshanay is going through a hard time and it is not easy to face it. Do you think all this is fair to her? If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.