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Cast members bid adieu to Ruswai with endearing notes

Cast members bid adieu to Ruswai with endearing notes

Ruswai just ended and its finale was not less than a treat, for, all aficionados were longing for justice Sameera deserved. When she went to the police station, she did not just have Hamza as her support, she also had Dr. Feroze who reaffirmed he will help her no matter how impossible it may seem.

The court verdict relieved the audience and the last scene delineating the hospital made them happy to no limits. Sameera carrying someone’s baby in her arms, asking Feroze why had he come, with a smile on her face, to which he replied, to wish her birthday for the nth time. He also invited Mukhtaran Bibi aka Mukhtar Mai, a resilient Pakistani woman, to wish Sameera on her birthday.

Following the last episode, the cast of Ruswai took to social media to write endearing notes about their experiences working with such an exuberant cast and crew.

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“Dear friends, fans, and family, With the grand finale of #Ruswai, my journey with the most impactful character yet of my acting career (Sameera) came to an end. Justice was served and the evil culprits were punished, #Sameera managed to emerge as victorious,” wrote Sana Javed.

She continued, “May #Sameera inspire you all to find the courage and strength to stand against injustice and evil. AMEEN.” The diva went on to pay her gratitude to the team incorporating producers Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib, director Rubina Ashraf and Nadeem Baig along with her co-actors. She also thanked her social media family and everyone who wrote about Ruswai.

“With Mukhtaran Mai’s surprise entry in the last episode, life came full circle for Sameera and her quest for justice. I owe my success, my ability to pick substantial roles to all of you out there. Thank you for your love and constant support. Until next time!” she concluded.


The dapper Osama Tahir, who played the utterly pivotal character of Hamza also expressed joy becoming a part of team Ruswai. “What an incredible experience and journey. Thank you all for loving this show, and loving each and every single character,” he wrote.

Talking about his character in the drama he said, “Sigh. I’m grateful, and weirdly sad that it has all come to an end. But as they say, all good things must end… I’m overwhelmed by the love Hamza received throughout, for being that pillar or strength and hope… Some even wished to have a brother like Hamza ??”

He also thanked the director Rubina Ashraf for trusting him as an actor because it made everything so easy for everyone. “Not many directors like you exist in our industry, I’m forever grateful you took a chance on me.”


Minna Tariq aka Wardah in Ruswai wrote, “As they say, all good things come to an end. It is difficult for me to put into words how much Ruswai meant to me. A project so close to my heart, Im overwhelmed with emotions as it comes to its end. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to everyone who watched ruswai and gave it so much love, I truly will cherish each and every message sent to me forever.”

She expressed gratitude to Rubina Ashraf for giving her Wardah and a life she dreamed of. She tanked the writer Naila Ansari along with Nadeem Baig and producer Humayun Saeed.

Thanking the fans and viewers she wrote, “Truly overwhelmed by the love and support I have received over the last few months. Can’t wait to be a part of another exciting project and be back on your TV screens.”


Actor Simi Raheal wrote a detailed note about how rare an experience Ruswai was for her. She wrote, “Generally the set was a happy positive strong intense one. The boys and girls were respectful talented and mostly intelligent. As for our director who understood the graph of each actor, who knew how to make an actor comfortable so they delivered their best , who was a gentle but hard task master. There was never any compromise on a scene.it was a great narrative that showcased social issues that are not defined by social status or literacy. The plot repeatedly referred to the fact that human behaviour transcends class. Handling of pain and intense emotion and keeping it real not allowing melodrama is the directors call. Usman Peerzada Irsa ghazal mikaal Zulfiqar and Mina Tariq the affluent family. The actors created and delivered powerful believable characters! Irsa with her voice intonations her remarkable grasp on the character mikaal with his duality and egotistical behaviour so akin to typical male behavior expected. Mina the hopeless romantic trying to please… then the other family. The father besotted with his family specially Sameera and he makes one mistake in a moment of crisis… in this family the actors osama Tahir Natalia Awais Mohammad Ahmed and sana javed all became this believable family that goes through hell and back.”


In another post, she thanked bloggers for writing about the drama. She also spoke at length about Osama Tahir and Minaa Tariq’s acting. “Dramas are entertainment designed to entertain and sometimes address social ills. Ruswai addressed two issues rape and watta satta.. there were two protagonists in the play sameera and humza! Talking about humza played by the sensitive intelligent gifted #osamatahir and warda played by the beautiful gentle talented young actor #minnatariq . It was a complicated track but handled and delivered very well.. that’s why it is being discussed ????! Giving credit where it’s due is important . We as actors create our own space and magic on screen,” she wrote.


Director Rubina Ashraf uploaded a video of Mukhtar Mai, speaking about how important it is to cater stories like these to the masses.


We hope and pray Pakistan becomes a country where women feel safe, respected and acknowledged, no matter what class they represent or what area they belong to.

Ruswai is directed by the veteran actress Rubina Ashraf and produced by Humayun Saeed’s Six Sigma Entertainment. The drama incorporates adroit actors such as Osama Tahir, Minah Tariq, legendary actors, Mohammad Ahmed, Usman Peerzada, and Seemi Raheel.


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