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Did Sameera give the interview in 'Ruswai'?

Did Sameera give the interview in 'Ruswai'?

Only the first three episodes of Ruswai depicted a happy go lucky Dr. Sameera, who’s loved by her family and her to-be-husband, Salman. Soon after the Nikkah, the incident in the fourth episode scarred her for the rest of her life. Ever since the restaurant scene, the only time she smiled was at her wedding, only to be taken aback when she saw her husband sleeping or when she had to offer the ring Salman had gifted, to her mother-in-law.

Before the wedding, her father and Salman were firm on the decision that she should not file a complaint against the criminals and she unpleasantly agreed. However, after the wedding, she faced new and more intense challenges; when Salman asked her to quit her job, when she was forced out of the house, amid others.

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In the latest episode, she quits the job to save her house, not knowing the person she is doing this for, is cheating on her. Salman’s parents come to congratulate their expecting daughter Wardah and take Sameera with them. Salman lies about going abroad while he is still living in the same city, in a hotel, where he is meeting Pinky.


Sameera is hopeful that Salman will not forget about the love they once shared but to her surprise, he is still the same person who had asked her to quit the job. They sit with the people who had come for Sameera’s little sister but when they saw Sameera, they started talking about an online article delineating her interview.

This angered Salman and his mother so much so that he started pushing and yelling at her. He also threatens the girl he once loved insanely, of grave repercussions. However, Sameera promises she had not given an interview to the media, or spoken about the incident to anyone, for that matter.


Who do you think must have leaked the information? How do you think will the drama unfold? Will Sameera ever get out of the ordeal she is in? Have your say in the comments’ section below.



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