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Sadly, the latest episode of Ruswai aptly describes our society

Sadly, the latest episode of Ruswai aptly describes our society

Only the first three episodes of Ruswai depicted a happy go lucky Dr. Sameera, who’s loved by her family and her to-be-husband, Salman. Soon after the Nikkah, the incident in the fourth episode scarred her for the rest of her life. Ever since the restaurant scene, the only time she smiled was at her wedding, only to be taken aback when she saw her husband sleeping or when she had to offer the ring Salman had gifted, to her mother-in-law.

Before the wedding, her father and Salman were firm on the decision that she should not file a complaint against the criminals and she unpleasantly agreed. However, after the wedding, she faced new and more intense challenges; when Salman asked her to quit her job, when she was forced out of the house, amid others.

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The recent episode of Ruswai has truly been heartwrenching for the people who wanted to see a smile on Sameera’s face. In spite of her predicament, she is humiliated by the person she loves. The alleged leakage of the information about her incident has turned numerous lives upside down.

Not only Sameera but her family has also gone into a similar ordeal. They are getting calls from different NGOs and media outlets to speak more about the incident. Also, Rohina just gets her admission canceled because she is extremely disturbed watching her sister in intense pain.


A few scenes of the latest episode have sent shivers down our spine; when Salman’s mom lashes out at her husband for stopping Salman while he was aggressively rushing to Sameera, when she threatens Sameera’s mother and sister, when Sameera’s mother brings her back from the hospital even when her daughter was not well, when she asks Sameera to do whatever Salman says and to bear all the depression she was in.

All the aforementioned scenes depict the cruel reality of the society we live in. Viewers who have been following the drama since the beginning know Sameera was righteous all along. She is already in a traumatic state since the fourth episode but no one in her family or her inlaws actually understands it. She is broken and she needs someone to put back all these broken pieces together. Sure, her family takes stand for her at times, but they still sent her to the house she is not needed in.


At the top of it, she is humiliated by her husband and his mother every day about the sin she had never committed. According to them, Salman is a victim because he had married Sameera after the incident and to ease his frustration about what he feels, it is okay for him to abuse her verbally, emotionally and physically. Meanwhile, he is cheating on her with Pinky blatantly, as if there’s nothing wrong in it.

From Mukhtar Mai to Qandeel Baloch, women have not only been subjected to humiliation, victimization, and brutalization, they are also murdered in the name of honor. ARY Digital Network understands its responsibilities well and does not shy away to grip campaigns shedding light on societal issues so that Pakistan could become a better place to live with each passing day.

With all this being said, how do you think will the drama unfold? Will Sameera ever get out of the ordeal she is in? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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