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In Pictures-Sarah Khan Praised for her Instagram Post

In Pictures-Sarah Khan Praised for her Instagram Post

Despite scorching heat and traffic jams, this year’s Women’s day was special for all the confused reasons. Women from all over Pakistan took placards and banners in their hands to promote gender equality and to stop patriarchy and misogyny in the society. Women of all ages stood side by side to take part in the ‘Aurat March’ which was planned to inform and influence women about the oppression they go through.

Abundant of women carried placards which undermined male chauvinism and encouraged equality, or what they called equality. Few of the amusing slogans are as follows.

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These slogans garnered the attention of both men and women, few were even witnessed fighting on social media platforms. Recently, impeccable actress, Sarah Khan, on her Instagram account, posted a photo of one of these play cards and wrote, “This is something that you all need to understand that ‘parhai kee saath 100 feesad tarbiat ki bhe zaroorat hotee hai (TARBIAT MATTERS A LOT)’ This is not how it should be done. Are you asking for your rights or are you trying to disrespect other women? If one is siting home in pardah taking care of her man and the family , she’s busy maintaining her home you’re pointing out it to be wrong and naming it ‘laash’ ? If this is what our women want as their ‘right’ ! I’m with our men, totally.”



Khan basically said that the women who prefer staying home as a home keeper are in no way considered to be walking corpses. Not all women stay home by force, some do it because they have the authority and audacity to choose how and what they work.

Khan’s views about certain placards in ‘Aurat March’ have gotten ample men and women praise her for standing up and showing the world what a real woman is made of.

We are proud of you Sarah Khan! What are your views about this story? Tell us in the comments below.

However, Khan’s Instagram profile has been deactivated amid the tensions between her fans and critiques in the comments under her post. Stay tuned for updates.


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