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Fahad Is The Cutest Hubby For All The Right Reasons!

Fahad Is The Cutest Hubby For All The Right Reasons!

So, one of the most pivotal parts of JPNA2, Sarwat Gillani is in London currently, leaving her better half and sons here in Pakistan. The prima donna has posted a few surreal photos on her Instagram account, delineating absolute charm and grace galore.


She posts a photo of herself at London Bridge, hugging the caricature of the ultimate king of love and romance, William Shakespeare.


The prima donna goes on to give some serious travel goals as she posts a bunch of photos on her Instagram exhibiting her flamboyant style.


Sarwat posts another photo of herself getting out of a Matte Black exotic car, showing all the fellow artists who the real superstar actually is!


In a parallel universe, her better half, Fahad Mirza proceeds to his Instagram account to unveil sheer modesty he has always possessed. He posts a little video of himself sitting behind his assistant on a bike, riding to offer Friday prayers.


One of his cousins has pointed out a massive amount of difference between both the celebrities and Fahad decides to feature it on his Instagram account. The collage depicts the clear difference between how the two are spending time without each other. Fahad captions the photo as, “Sarwat’s ride v/s Fahad’s ride.”


Fahad posts another photo delineating his adorable sons who are literally all over him. He requests his spouse, Sarwat to come back because “he can’t handle these guys.” The amount of sweet suffering can easily be deciphered through his expressions in the photo.


May Sarwat get home soon, for, the daddy needs legit assistance as soon as possible! We wish Sarwat, Fahad and their sons a beautiful life with an abundance of love and contentment galore.

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