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The second Nikkah in ‘Arranged Marriage’

The second Nikkah in ‘Arranged Marriage’

Arranged Marriage

Women sacrifice the most but men refuse to understand them and when there is no understanding the marriage cannot carry on. ‘Arranged Marriage’ is a story about a wedded couple who tied a knot with each other due to their parent’s choice. After the marriage took place it wasn’t a successful one because Ahmed is in love with Meeral who has been his love interest since university time. Ahmed tortured Roshanay over the marriage which wasn’t of her choice either but she did it to keep her family happy and tried her best to sustain it. Ahmed just wanted reasons for his path to get clear so that he could easily marry Meeral.

Without giving Roshanay any importance he disgraced her and told his parents that he wants to marry Meeral. With a lot of consultation with Roshanay and the rest they agreed for the second marriage of Ahmed and Meeral. When the relationship got official Roshanay shifted to the guest room to give the new bride some space with her love. Roshanay has been very compromising and that is the key to a successful marriage but it was only one-sided.

Meeral is not mellowing down she is taunting Roshanay and is flaunting that she succeeded in marrying Ahmed. On the same trail Ahmed is also repeating in front of Roshanay about his love with Meeral on this note Roshanay replied that it might be a way for Ahmed to remind himself as he might not be sure about his feelings. Meeral is threatening Roshanay that she might get rid of Roshanay and might get her out of the house. In all this Roshanay’s mother was admitted in the hospital, Meeral wanted to get out of it but Ahmed did have a soft corner and dropped her to the hospital.

Meeral and Ahmed planned for the honeymoon leaving Roshanay behind and she is in thoughts that did she deserve all this. Turning the whole concept of arranged marriage into a love marriage, watch ‘Arranged Marriage’ every Monday at 9:00 pm only on ARY Digital to see what happens to this innocent girl. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.