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The secret got unveiled in ‘Khuda Na Karay’

The secret got unveiled in ‘Khuda Na Karay’

Khuda Na Karay

To marry your love is the biggest dream come true for a person to come true but when your husband dies on the wedding night is not what someone would wish for. ‘Khuda Na Karay’ is a story about a girl Abrish who married her love by going against her father’s will and then Farhad got shot on the wedding night.

Abrish’s father did let her marry whoever she wants but then he broke all the relationships. After the death Abrish couldn’t go back home as her father told her never to come back and the mother-in-law threw her out of the house. She went to Umer’s house who is Farhad’s friend but then Umer’s wife is not comfortable with it. She told Abrish to leave the house when Umer was not at home and she had no other place to go except her father’s house.

She went there and Abiha’s feeling came true which she felt that Abrish is not at ease. The father came to know about the death but yet he held himself stiff and told Abrish to leave the house. Hashmi uncle spoke to him and made him realize that Abrish is his daughter and he can’t be so cruel to her. With lots of though he let Abrish in the house but he didn’t revert the soft corner in his heart.

Umer and his friends are worried about Abrish as she is their responsibility and Jahanzaib is continuously cursing himself as it’s because of him that Farhad got shot. Watch ‘Khuda Na Karay’ every Monday at 9:00 pm only on ARY Digital. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.