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Shaadi mubarak ho ended on a happy note!!

Shaadi mubarak ho ended on a happy note!!

After filling our evenings with laughter and fun, Shaadi mubarak ho ended yesterday with all the right amount of emotions, laughter and much awaited wedding of Nayal and Zoya.

Story of Shaadi Mubarak ho revolves around Nayal, Zoya and Rimsha. Nayal whose parents are looking a girl for him but haven’t succeeded uptil now. Nayal met Zoya through his friend Ehsan and fell in love with her from the very beginning.

The story took a turn when Nayal’s cousin Rimsha came to their house and Nayal’s mother planned her to get married to Nayel.

Rimsha on finding out that Nayel and Zoya like each other tried creating fuss between them and asks Zoya to leave Nayel.

Bilal, Zoya’s boss had shown his interest in Zoya previously but Zoya rejected his proposal as she was in a relationship with Nayal. But after Nayel got engaged to Rimsha under his mother’s pressure, Zoya asks Bilal to send his parents to her house for their marraige.

Rimsha, later on, realized that she has been unfair to both Nayal and Zoya and apologized to Nayel going back to her house. Nayel being happy rushes to call Ehsan and tells him about his broken engagement.

Nayal’s mother met Zoya and requested her to marry Nayel. Zoya and Nayel meet later on in the drama and Bilal congratulated them on being together again.

The fun-filled serial ended with the OST we drool over and a fun photo shoot of the dulha dulhan finally chanting “Shaadi Mubarak Ho”.