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Shadi Mubarak Ho -  ARY Digital Exclusive Drama

Shadi Mubarak Ho - ARY Digital Exclusive Drama



Shadi Mubarak Ho is a story of Nayel who is in search of a girl for marriage but his mother always has a problem with every girl she looks for him. Yasir Hussain as Nayel. Nayel’s parents have amazing bonding and now the purpose of their lives is to find an appropriate girl for their son. Bushra Ansari as Shehnaz salman, Shahid as maqsood. Ikhtyar is the servant of this family and always pokes his nose in every family matter and that is why shahnaz hates him.She gets irritated by him all the time. Asad siddiqui as Ikhtyar. Ahsan is Nayel’s best buddy and he always helps him find a perfect girl too. Zoya is a friend of Ahsan’s wife. On Ahsan’s request Nayel picks Zoya from airport and falls in love with her. Kubra khan as Zoya. Opposite people complete each other that is why they are attracted to each other in the first place. But Zoya hated Nayel because he acted as Ahsan’s driver at the first place. Nayel’s mother finally liked Rimsha for Nayel. Sadia faisal as Rimsha.,But Ikhtyar falls in love with Rimsha. Will Nayel’s mother accept Zoya as her daughter in law? Will Nayel’s mother accept this beautiful bride for his crazy son? She might be because they have an adorable bonding when they are together. Raya khan as Nimra, Abdullah Farhatulla as Ahsan, Gul e rana as Durdana.

Writer: Yasir Hussain

Director: Wajahat Rauf


  • Bushra Ansari,
  • Salman Shahid,
  • Yasir Hussain,
  • Kubra,Khan,
  • Sadia Faisal,
  • Gull e Rana,
  • Asad Siddiqui,
  • Abdullah,Farhat

Timing :

This Drama is over, but you can watch all the episodes click here