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How could Shahab not live up to his Waada?

How could Shahab not live up to his Waada?

It’s impossible to believe that Jaana actually accomplished her mission and tied the knot with Shahab, and him without even thinking twice about Sumera – married his maid! Does he think he made the right move? How could he stoop so low and be such an awful husband.

Sumera who loved her husband from the core of her heart is unaware of the fact that she has lost him to Jaana, a woman who worked at her place and did house chores is now at the same status as her. Sad.

It’s natural that Sumera’s ‘wife instincts’ are acting up, she is afraid that she might actually lose her husband who’s busy spending time with Jaana, whatever happened to all the promises that he made to Sumera? The man didn’t live up to his word and his Waada. Jaana has him all wrapped around her finger and her sweet talk is working, she has gotten him to believe all the fault words.

Shahab has now began to avoid Sumera, and much as she tries to be with him – he only ignores her. Lying to Sumera that he’s going to Islamabad but actually spending time with Jaana was beyond low. The entire drama has now picked up a pace which is for sure a positive turn and certainly has the audience hooked.

How could Shahab do this to his pregnant wife? Or how could he be with a woman who only married him for the sake of is money and is a gold digger? What will happen when Sumera finds the truth? After Arif saw Shahab in a car – he is certain that something is fishy.

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