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Shahmir comes back for Heer in Qurban!

Shahmir comes back for Heer in Qurban!

This episode has made us fall in love with Shahmir as he after Fariha’s rejection comes back to his house and tells Heer that he wants to accept her as his wife and they two can lead a happy life together. Heer who is still Jamal’s wife becomes worried for how she should react to this sudden change in Shahmir’s behaviour of accepting her as a wife.

It just took a moment to make Shahmir understand that Heer is the one who understands him as a person, the moment his emotions were falling apart because of Fariha’s behaviour Heer made him believe that he is the hero who lives for his family and their happiness. That very moment Shahmir understand’s how a real partner can console the other one and that’s why husband wife are called as better halves. Time by time we saw Shahmir trying to talk to Heer and at one point he even confesses that he had just came back for Heer and no one else.

Heer tells the family that she wants to go to her parents house and Amma jee asked Shahmir to go with her as well. Shahmir is now getting into Heer’s life by all his choice, he takes a look at her childhood pics and also tried talking to her more than before but Heer keeps shutting him off.

Heer is now trying to find Jamal to take a divorce from him at once so that she can re marry Shahmir so that they can start a new life. Jamal being unaware of this, heads towards his village to meet his mother. Maryam tells him to come back and Jamal assured her the same. We also see Jamal and Maryam sharing a friendship bond which is quite fair as Maryam has struggled a lot for Jamal’s happiness.

The upcoming episode will show how Heer wouldn’t be able to meet Jamal to take divorce from him and Shahmir will force her to re marry him now or never. What will Heer do? How will she get out of this situation.

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