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"Shan-e-Ramzan welcomes Ramzan like no other."

"Shan-e-Ramzan welcomes Ramzan like no other."

Ramzan, a month of religious steadfastness, worship, forgiveness and blessing is celebrated in its full zeal and fervor with Shan-e-Ramzan every year.


Since the last three years Shan-e-Ramzan has been living on its tradition of being the best Ramzan transmission with Junaid Jamshed and Waseem Badami as its hosts. This year, sadly, with Junaid Jamshed not being amongst us, Waseem Badami will be seen hosting the show alone. He was seen remembering Junaid Jamshed on this occasion:

This year Ramzan will be seen being celebrated on a much grander scale through Shan-e-Sehr and Shan-e-Iftaar everyday live on ARY Digital at 1:30 am and 2:30 pm respectively. The shows are religiously and culturally enriched uplifting the essence of Ramazan.

The Shan-Ramazan transmission starting off with the recitation and translation of the Holy Quran in the soulful voice of Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi will feature religious scholars as guests followed by a question/answer session to discuss various Islamic issues. This will be followed by a daily interactive segment in Sehr & Iftar in which audience will be answering the questions to win exciting prizes. Students from different universities and colleges will participate in an Islamic quiz to win a bumper prize.

Notable scholar Mufti Sohail Raza Amjadi, will do a daily segment in Shan-e-Seher where he will suggest different virtuous supplications to audience.

A segment in Shan-e-Sehr will also provide viewers to be part of Shan-e-Ramazan Transmission from their home by special LIVE Skype session.  Wasim Badami along with notable scholars will have live Sehri with audience while discussing different Islamic queries.

Moreover, this year, Shan-e-Ramazan will reach out to people like none other. Every day Shan-e-Iftar will feature a segment where Iqrar -ul -Hassan & Shahid Afridi will help deserving souls who have no one to look up to and are in dire need.65

While Muslims all around the world will prepare to break their fasts, Waseem Badami shall come live with Shan-e-Iftar at 2:30 pm everyday which will have daily segments of Debate Competition where participants would be selected through auditions to compete with each other on the basis of their debating skills.Waseem Badami will also conduct traditional Urdu poetry competition. A cooking segment by Chef Farah and Ramazan based useful tips shared by Umm-e-Rahi shall be one of the highlights of the show.

Shan-e-iftar shall feature intellectual lectures on topics of daily matters of our society, in light with Islamic teachings and practices of Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) amongst many other. Also, a distinguished and renowned celebrity will be the special guest of “Shan-e-Iftar”daily. Special guest would be invited from our society who have achieved or done some notable work for Pakistan in their individual capacity to make their country proud.Live interaction with audience and casual chit chat sessions will make the transmission special.

Dr. Ali Imran will explain have a segment on Shan-e-Iftar daily explaining the Arabic verses of the Holy Quran with its meaning and interpretation in Urdu.

RozaKushai of kids present in the audience would also be celebrated on this show.Guests and Religious Scholars will also join the festivity.Islamic Stories would be narrated to enlighten our children with historic facts about Islam and prominent Islamic personalities

Shan-e-Ramazan shall highlight the teachings and celebrations of the Holy Month of Ramazan like no other under the light of Islam enlightening the audience with religious knowledge sharing with them the blessings of this month through charity and providing them with the best of opportunities to win gifts sitting at home or being part of the audience.