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Shaniera Akram is upset due to the people not following SOPs

Shaniera Akram is upset due to the people not following SOPs

In the wake of Coronavirus outbreak around the world, different countries had temporarily been locked down. Not only important public events, but marriages were also postponed along with the total closure of markets and restaurants. Celebrities around the world had been asking their fans to stay vigilant and stay indoors if they catch even the slightest symptoms of the pandemic. Likewise, bhabi Shaniera Akram had taken to Twitter, to post precautionary measures regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.

However, just like a few other countries, Pakistan also decided to ease lockdown after at least fifty days. The provincial government permitted the opening of small shops till 5:00 PM, while shopping malls were still instructed to keep their doors closed. These small markets witnessed buyers packed like sardines, rubbishing all SOPs set by the government and World Health Organisation (WHO). The roads were overcrowded by vehicles even after 5:00 PM due to the traffic.

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Activist Shaniera Akram took to Twitter to express concern about the aforementioned situation. She wrote, “Seeing footage of traffic blocked roads, congested streets and market places and hundreds of people without even a mask on. This country makes me want to cry.”

Her tweet instantly garnered replies from fellow Pakistanis, having the same thoughts about the current scenario and fear for the future.

Health care professionals are worried that the situation might get worse.

Earlier, the philanthropist also posted a video of the journey of gloves from new to dirty in a matter of minutes to depict how important it is, to wash hands after every few minutes.


More power to you Shaniera Akram.

Are you taking proper precautions in these difficult times? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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