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Finally, The LCs are spending a comforting weekend with families in Sinf e Aahan

Finally, The LCs are spending a comforting weekend with families in Sinf e Aahan

Episode 20th of Sinf e Aahan was no less than a treat for all the drama aficionados. It starts off with Episode 19’s cliffhanging end; the 3rd and final day of the Annual Shooting Competition. Pariwesh and Subuk come forward, eyeing the target with rifles in their hands.

After a tough competition, Subuk loses a shot and Pariwesh wins the game for herself and for all the LCs. PMA allows the girls to visit their families for the weekend. Kumail finds a humble and gracious person in Mahjabeen, Daniyal talks to Rabbia about Nasr, Kamil and Shaista are together after an adorable exchange.

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Moreover, the highlight of the episode remains the winner of the Annual Shooting Competition, Pariwesh Jamal. It is pertinent to mention Sinf e Aahan delineates that both finalists, having razor-sharp precision and unwavering concentration on the target, are from Balochistan.

Subuk not only wholeheartedly accepts Pariwesh’s victory, but also explains to his father (Sardar) how great of a shooter she is. Furthermore, Sardar also acknowledges her potential and understands she is the perfect example of sheer dedication. He visits her house and returns the file of the impawned land, and gives a rifle as the winning present.

However, the teaser for the next episode shows the disappearance of Nathmy Parreira, followed by the arrival of an ambulance and a gunshot in between.

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