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Sukoon | Aina finds herself entangled in a complex predicament

Sukoon | Aina finds herself entangled in a complex predicament

Aina’s blind faith in Raza has cost her a little too much and spoiled her Sukoon. Not only has her father broken all relations with her, but she was also forced into a new relationship, that too with Hamdan. Blindfolded by Raza’s sweet talk, she decides to go to Karachi and meet him, but with the permission of her mother, who never wanted her daughter to marry a bad person like Usman.

Little does she know the person she is leaving her house for, will not even recognize her, let alone introduce her to his parents. Shattered, Aina falls to the ground, only to be picked up by Hamdan, the person who knows the truth. He decides to take her back to Hyderabad without realizing what he is getting into.

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The entire household is waiting for Aina along with the Qazi for Nikkah. As expected, Usman backs out at the eleventh hour, and subsequently, Hamdan is forced to fill in. Due to unavoidable circumstances, Hamdan agrees to marry Aina and brings her back to Karachi.

With Aina not eating anything and Hamdan not focusing on his job, the former’s father also suffers a heartattack because he feels the reason she ran away and brought shame to the family was Hamdan, and not Raza or Usman.

Many lives are ruined, and Sukoon is nowhere to be found as of now. Aina has made a tremendous mistake but has she made the decision to leave Hyderabad all by herself?

Who do you think has done worse with Aina? Her mother for becoming an accomplice in the Karachi plan or her father for not giving her any chance to speak before getting her married to Hamdan? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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