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Sun Yaara - picks up a pace quickly

Sun Yaara - picks up a pace quickly

Sun Yaara’s next episode was another fun packed 40 minutes, the show begins with how Roshaane and Talal building up a chemistry and Lali’s rukhsati. As pretty as Hira looks in the drama serial, Junaid Khan looks equally handsome. The on screen duo has lit up the show with only two episodes down.

The good thing about Lali’s husband is that he’s head over heels in love with her and has immense respect for his family, though he did let her know how his mother can be difficult sometimes. Moreover, it seems as if Saif is all about what his mother says and as a result he ignores Lali. His petty reasons are not good enough and go over Lali and family’s head.

Furthermore, Saif’s mother and sister are not too fond of Lali and how her parents are taking care of her. Two months after the wedding, Lali is expecting, but according to her mother in law she shouldn’t be given a lot of leisure. On the other hand, Taniya seems like a complete nut case who’s obsessed about Talal. She has her eyes on him and takes him as a prize to be won. Will Lali let that happen? Or if that doesn’t happen what impact will that leave on her own married life?

The love of a husband and wife is pure, a relationship is build on trust and love. However, Saif is all about his mother and sister, as much as he loves Lali – he can’t take a stand for her. Another idea that Lali’s mother in law pops was Talal’s marriage with Taniya which leaves Lali dumbfounded. She is under pressure now.

Sun Yaara is a complete family drama with a lot twists and turns, where does the relationship of Talal and Roshane stands? Will Talal and Tanya tie the knot? How else will Lali be pressurized? It’s not fair is it? How will all this affect the relationship of Lali and Saif?

Don’t miss out on the next episode of Sun Yaara only on ARY Digital on Mondays at 8.00 pm.


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