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Sunglasses for every look under the sun!

Sunglasses for every look under the sun!

Sunglasses, the accessory which is associated today with style, was once only around to protect one’s eyes from harmful sun rays or to look straight in sunlight.

Today, sunglasses or goggles or what one might call them are a must-have fashion accessory and none mocks one who wears them all the time.

Want to look classy or trendy? Wear your favorite eye gear and you are ready to flaunt your looks everywhere you go!

A good pair of sunglasses provides you with an opportunity to make a fashion statement and you only need to determine what pair of goggles suits you best.

Fashion lovers keep a handful of shades in their wardrobe while celebrities have taken this upon themselves to wear a different pair of glasses with every dress they choose to wear.

The rising interest in wearing shades have made every form of glasses popular, from a round shaped to aviators, brow line to cat eye and diamond to round, every shape is in demand.

Let’s see how classy do our celebrities look by “SUNGLASSES”.


Mawra Hocane is perhaps obsessed with sunglasses and has a huge collection of them.

She dons different shades according to her mood while traveling or on a shoot you’ll always find Mawra, wearing a perfectly fitting pair of shades.

Just look at the new addition to her collection.


Despite being the brother of gorgeous Humaima Malick, Feroze Khan, with his killer looks and spectacular acting skills has won people’s heart in a short time.

The ‘Chup Raho’ guy is a fashion lover and is careful about how he looks each time he appears in public. His social media accounts are a proof that FK is “sunglasses lover”.


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One of the top fashion models of our time, Sadaf Kanwal is followed by a lot of people both on social media. Women love to copy her looks and not a single accessory she wears gets unnoticed by her followers.

She was recently seen enjoying a meal while wearing round-shaped sunnies. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?


Good food is good mood ????,

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Singer cum actor, Farhan Saeed captured everybody’s heart since the release of his first song at a time when our music industry is still considered nascent.

Farhan perhaps takes a lot of care while choosing the right look for himself, we don’t if he does his wardrobe himself or lets his lady love do it for him but he surely looks great.

The singer cum actor too is a sunglasses lover and wears different shades that contrast his looks in a befitting manner.

Selfies before time ????????

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