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In Photos: Sunita Marshall's Trip To The UK Is Travel Goals!

In Photos: Sunita Marshall's Trip To The UK Is Travel Goals!

Having garnered exceptional fame for her impeccable performance in ARY Digital’s ‘Naimat’, Sunita Marshall went on to become one of the most celebrated and loved celebrities of Pakistan. The prima donna is admired not just for her extraordinary acting capabilities, she is also known for her utterly adroit style and flamboyant personification.

Soon after Eid-Ul-Fitr, the starlet has posted this photo of herself and her children, captioning it, “#enroute #london  #mybabies” with a heart emoji.


As she lands, she puts up another selfie of herself having a little bit of makeup on.


Really! Can you spot her in this photo of her kids sitting on the stairs?


In the midst of southwest England, the actress stands with her cute little children in front of a train in the Museum of the Great Western Railway that has old train carriages and locomotives.


Sunita is the ultimate mistress of slaying the street look. She looks fascinating in this blue jeans-grey T-shirt duo with contemporary shades.


Like mother like daughter! The starlet looks exactly like her mommy having a similar hairstyle, and approximately similar complexion, outfits, and shades.


Despite being with her family amidst a busy schedule, the diva continues to take her A-game everywhere she goes.


She posts another photo in a Japanese restaurant with her sister, Anita Marshall.


The City of Bath is known for its absolutely natural hot springs and the honey-colored Bath stone, which has been used intensively in the making of the city’s architecture, happens to be the next destination of our favorite actress. She posts this photo of herself and her children with a subtly transformed telephone booth.


When you are a top-notch celeb and you’re on a trip too, a little but exquisite shopping becomes mandatory. Have a look at Sunita flaunting her beautiful floral necklace.


The well celebrated ‘Tower Bridge’ happened to feature behind the actress as she poses for a selfie wearing a matte red lip shade.


A Boomerang session with the bro on a trip is never a bad idea. Have a look at these cuties wave their hands followed by a jump.


What a majestic photo of the mother with her kids in front of a breathtaking wall with beauteous hearts.


The entire Marshall clan stands in front of the statue of Prince Albert with a clear blue sky in the background.


The main reason she has come to the foreign land is to attend her cousin’s wedding. Here, she stands, donned in an ethereal white traditional outfit embellished with a white necklace and teeka.


Take a look at this Boomerang as this enchantress sprinkles the charm of her gorgeousness on our screens.


The beautiful bride stands with her bridesmaids dressed in captivating outfits. Our favorite diva looks super cute in this photo.


So, Sunita is not the only one who has looked stunning on the wedding day, both her kids look equally chic.


Sunita has also visited Tenby beach on her latest visit to the UK.



We are certain that the diva will never stop to oomph her fans with her extraordinary beauty and ecstatic trips to flabbergasting countries.

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