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Syra Shahroz, Confronting West's Portrayal Of Pakistan.

Syra Shahroz, Confronting West's Portrayal Of Pakistan.

Stylist, storyteller, and production designer Hashim Ali, an alumnus of ‘New School’ Rome, went on a joint venture with one of Pakistan’s famous clothing brand to show true colors of Pakistan in a recent campaign.

To gainsay the renown Homeland’s poster starring Claire Danes, Ali and the brand chose to depict the pukka image of Pakistan. As a clap back, the brand featured Syra Shahroz to play desi version of Claire Danes. With a subtle nose pin and fierce look, Shahroz exhibited gray floral Kurti along with a Jhumka and little Bindi. Meanwhile, all other women carried deep Pink veils over their head to create a vibrant scene.

Homeland, an American television show, hooked a wide populace due to both its topics, America and Terrorism. The show revolved around a CIA agent, played by Claire Danes who was seen fighting terrorism in supposedly, Pakistan. Homeland garnered criticism and was heavily condemned for deceiving audience by portraying Pakistan, shadowed by terrorism and extremism.

This particular poster of the show incited hatred for Pakistan and ignited Islamophobic sentiments in the audience.

However, Syra posted her photograph on Instagram and it possessed a piece of poetry written by the stylist Hashim Ali as the caption,

Dear West,

My “Homeland” is not scary.

It is not grey and black,

It is not brown and dusty,

It is not empty and barren,

It is not monolingual.

My Homeland is where colours pop,

where people laugh,

and smile.

Where hundreds of languages are heard,

and hundred more dialects are spoken.

Where the stringed instruments visualise

and drums synchronise.

My Home land is not your “homeland”

My home land is my home

My home land is my land

My Home land is not your “Homeland” -Hashim Ali

The Instagram post garnered instant positive feedback from Syra’s fans and a populace that is not even her fan, but patriotic countrymen.

What are your thoughts about this initiative? Tell us in the comments below.


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