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'Tamanna': Movie Review

'Tamanna': Movie Review



Mehreen Raheel, Omair Rana, Salman Shahid and Feryal Gauhar

Directed and written by:

Steven Moore

The latest hype about the ARY Films ‘Tamanna’ is finally over; the British-Pakistani film which was directed by a British director Steven Moore is now released in the Pakistani cinemas nationwide. With the current boosting of Pakistani cinemas and the award functions appreciating them is a new milestone for the film industry in Pakistan. Initially and now also Pakistani films are being released but in film festivals abroad which is not showcased for the masses to watch but a few are coming forward and showcasing it for the people to watch, one of them is ‘Tamanna’.

‘Tamanna’ is a story about a man Rizwan Ahmed who falls in love with Mian Tariq Ali’s wife Mehreen. Rizwan comes to Tariq in order to take his permission and ask him to divorce Mehreen. Tariq already was indulged in two marriages but he keeps a deal with Rizwan in order to test him if he will keep Mehreen happy or not. The deal was to steal the diamond set from Tariq’s house so that he can claim it under the insurance and Rizwan can sell it, with that money he can lead his life with Mehreen.


Rizwan agrees and plays along Tariq’s game as he says, the race between the two started playfully but then it ends in anger and violent. The plot of the movie was strong but it wasn’t executed well, from the lights to the sound and dialogue delivery was not up to the mark. With the previous releases like ‘Waar’ and ‘Main Hoon Shahid Afridi’ the bar has risen and it was no-where near to it. Although the cameraman did his best with shooting the movie and that was one of the factors to keep us hooked till the end.

It was really engrossing in the beginning but eventually it lost control. The story became confusing towards the end and the climax left a question in the minds. The beginning credits gave the glimpse of the Bollywood movie ‘Shabd’ where the alphabets were floating in the air. No doubt Salman Shahid did justice to his role and Omair Rana was entertaining, the rest of the cast acted well in the supporting roles. There was nothing that a viewers could be entertained on or will recommended it to others because it left the audiences in query which will not keep it an easy watch and no one will look up to watch it again.


There were minor details that were not kept it mind one of them was continuity, when the movie is made by a British director it is expected to be prim and proper. But details like the make-up and costumes were not sequenced as per the scene, in the previous scene it was something else but in the second scene it was not continued.

The movie won an award for the first released song by Rahet Fateh Ali Khan at the London Film Festival. Ali Azmat and Amanat Ali also sang songs for the movie, one of the songs were noticed in the movie while the other one just vanished in the scene. The movie relatively has a dark humor, passion and crime which are liked by a few but not much people are watching ‘Tamanna’.


Watch ‘Tamanna’ by not having any expectation towards the movie if you will compare it to the previous Pakistani releases you will definitely be disappointed.